Thursday, August 07, 2008

Tiger Translate Museum 9.5.08 "Energy"

Custom painting for Tiger Translate Museum's "Energy" theme
at Fred Perry boutique entitled "Solar Goddess"

size : 1550mm x 1200mm
Acrylic on Framed Plywood

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Wizard of Oz for iTheatre

art direction : brian seward, andy yang

Collaboration with "Made In Bunch"

special thanks to paulo silva.

check out more fantastic works at

Sporadic Flowers for iON at Orchard with Night & Day Gallery

Acrylic and Embroidery on Framed Plywood
size : 1190mm x 1190mm

Catch the actual piece on display at the iON at Orchard MRT hoarding together with friends like Mindflyer, Fleecircus, Drewscape, Sokkuan, Kuan and many more.

special thanks to Randy and Kew from Night & Day gallery.

Hop-A-Long World with BAND

creatives : damien ng, tj ren

Hog Mascot with Enterprise IG

creative director : martin maher
art director : michelle tranter

Helmet Abuse at KULT opening

special thanks to steve lawler and tania wilson from KULT

Lonely Planet with McCann Erickson Singapore

executive creative director : farrokh madon
associate creative director : goh wee kim

More art from Night & Day's Le Monde Est a Nous!!!

Night & Day's Le Monde Est a Nous Mindflyer+Andy Yang

Exhibition with buddy Michael a.k.a. Mindflyer. A bit of a adrenaline rush but we pushed ourselves creatively and were proud of what we produced for the exhibition.

The Singapore Repertory Theatre's A Midsummer Night's Dream

copywriter : peter engelbrecht
art director : peter engelbrecht, andy yang
photography : ben

YEP with Grey Singapore & Cherie The Mrrr

art director : elsa peck
photography : teo studio

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Bertolli with BBH

art director : elyn wong
digital imaging : eyekandy